H-HOPE showcased at EU Sustainable Energy Week 2024

H-HOPE showcased at EU Sustainable Energy Week 2024

H-HOPE was at EUSEW between June 11-13 2024 and our consortium presented the project and the prototype H-HOPE energy harvester. This event provided an excellent platform for sharing the project’s progress and engaging with the sustainable energy community.

Throughout the week, the H-HOPE team, along with partners CJH Multisourcing SNC, Technische Universität Wien, and the University of Ljubljana, showcased their energy harvester. They were joined by RESPECT recycling, META Group, RESPONDENT Project, TIGON, and the eFORT project. 

A demonstration of the H-HOPE water energy harvester was presented, a device utilises an oscillating cylinder to harvest energy from water flows and can even be built at home using instructions soon to be available on the project’s website, www.h-hope.eu.

The event also featured sessions on energy transition and renewable energy, where the H-HOPE team engaged in valuable exchanges of ideas. These discussions underscored the importance of collaboration in advancing sustainable energy solutions. Interactions with other attendees provided fresh perspectives and highlighted the necessity of working together toward shared goals.

As EUSEW drew to a close, the H-HOPE team continued to exhibit their work alongside their partners. The contributions of Carine Hinchcliffe, Eduard Doujak, Marko Hocevar and Steven Frigerio were instrumental to the project’s success at the event.

Participating in EUSEW was a rewarding experience for the H-HOPE team. We express our gratitude to CINEA for the opportunity to present our project and the team looks forward to sharing our progress in the coming months!


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