Improving water management in hydraulic networks using energy harvesters

Improving water management in our hydraulic networks: Can hydro energy harvesters be the solution?

Join us for an exciting in-person event at Reykjavik University, Menntavegur, Reykjavík, Iceland (Room V105), where we will explore the potential of hydro energy harvesters in solving water management challenges in hydraulic networks.

The traditional management of urban water networks is changing towards a more sustainable model aimed at an efficient use of resources. This transformation is taking place due to the development of other transversal disciplines (cloud computing, communication systems, Big Data, electronics, etc.) applied to many fields of science, which applied to water management, can bring considerable benefits.

Iceland - still with abundant natural resources – utilities and sewage networks face similar challenges with the rest of the world, where greater monitoring and surveillance of water intake and system status is needed, with smaller water utilities lagging behind larger utilities in monitoring water supply and discharge. There is a need to focus investments in the most efficient manner and gain an understanding of the overall performance of their hydraulic systems.

A new project (H-HOPE: Hidden Hydro Oscillating Power for Europe) under the banner of the Green Deal and Green Renewable Energy, was recently awarded to the consortium led by the University of Padova (Project Coordinator) with a group of 13 partners who will strive to generate and deliver the necessary results in multi-physics design and energy harvesting in the sector of sustainable hydropower.