Assessing the Energy Harvester Potential: Key Insights on Water and Energy Network Resilience

Assessing the Energy Harvester Potential: Key Insights on Water and Energy Network Resilience

In the quest for sustainable energy solutions, understanding the potential of energy harvesters emerges as a pivotal step toward fortifying the resilience of our water and energy networks. Spearheaded by Work Package 2 leader, Professor David C Finger, alongside Bjarnhedinn (Baddi) Gudlaugsson and Ivana Stepanovic of Reykjavik University, groundbreaking research has been presented at the European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly in Vienna, Austria.

Here’s a glimpse into the pivotal aspects covered:

Exploring Potential: The examination of H-HOPE technology’s capacity to transform ocean energy harvesting opens doors to a myriad of possible applications and benefits, promising a paradigm shift in sustainable energy solutions.

Harnessing Turbulent Kinetic Energy: Introducing a comprehensive framework for evaluating the harvesting of turbulent kinetic energy, our research underscores its potential for unlocking efficient energy extraction methods, vital for bolstering sustainability.

Environmental Comparison: Through meticulous comparison studies, we shed light on the environmental impacts of energy harvesters in contrast to conventional energy sources. This comparison underscores the imperative of adopting sustainable practices in energy extraction and utilization.

Stakeholder Perceptions: By mapping the diverse perspectives of stakeholders involved, we pave the way for collaborative decision-making and inclusive dialogue, ensuring that our energy solutions align with societal needs and values.

For deeper insights into our research, each presentation can be explored on our webpage:

🔗 Assessing the potential of tidal and ocean current energy for remote Arctic communities: Link to Presentation

🔗 Multi-Dimensional Feasibility Assessment of Vortex-induced Vibration Energy Harvester Deployment: Link to Presentation

🔗 Life Cycle Assessment of Energy Harvesters in European Water Networks: Link to Presentation

🔗 Mapping the Perceived Potential of Energy Harvesters for European Infrastructure Resilience: Link to Presentation


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