H-HOPE Consortium Gathers in Padova for 1st General Assembly

H-HOPE Consortium Gathers in Padova for 1st General Assembly
In a significant milestone for the H-HOPE project, project partners convened in Padova for the inaugural Consortium Meeting, marking a pivotal moment to share progress and insights gained during the first six months of the initiative. The meeting provided a valuable opportunity to discuss various accomplishments, particularly focusing on advancements in hidden hydro technology. Key highlights of the progress made in the initial phase of the project include:
  1. Establishment of Contacts: Successful initiation of connections with national and international stakeholders integral to the project’s execution.
  2. Identification of Case Studies: Identification of the first set of case studies where oscillating energy harvesting technologies will be applied.
  3. Simulation and Forecasting: Conducted simulations to forecast the energy harvesting potential of oscillators equipped with piezo-electric cells.
  4. Laboratory Equipment Design: Preliminary design of the necessary laboratory equipment for testing hydro oscillators in both pipes and open streams.
  5. DIY Platform Development: Introduction of the first version of a testing platform, employing a “DIY – Do It Yourself” approach, in a simplified case study.
As part of the meeting agenda, project partners had the opportunity to visit two key sites managed by ACQUE VERONESI. The wastewater treatment plant in Verona, where oscillators will be installed and tested, and a cluster of water wells providing drinking water for the city of Verona, serving as a pilot for technologies tested under the H-HOPE project in piping applications. The insightful tour, organized by project partners and colleagues at ACQUE VERONESI, provided a deeper understanding of the test sites crucial to the H-HOPE initiative. Expressing gratitude to all project partners and ACQUE VERONESI for facilitating the visit, the consortium eagerly anticipates the next H-HOPE meeting. With ongoing developments in the technology under development, the project remains poised for further advancements in the field of hidden hydro technology.
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